Yeah, yeah. It’s late. Balancing my end-of year-work push and Jenn’s end-of-semester stress fest has been a challenge (more on that to come). But November was a banner month on the Homestead for Airbnb! We managed to book 6 successful nights, met some fantastic (and repeat) guests, and generally reinforced our passive income potential through hospitality.


Homestead Inn and Suite, Moncton, NB
Date Number of nights rate per night Total fees stay expenses Profit
04-Nov-16 1 $50.00 -$1.50 $0.00 $48.50
10-Nov-16 3 $50.00 -$4.50 $0.00 $145.50
25-Nov-16 2 $55.00 -$3.30 $0.00 $106.70
Total: 6 -$9.30 $0.00 $300.70


One note of interest is that we varied tried varying the price per night slightly. After careful consideration we quickly changed back. We examined the additional winter-related costs (additional heat primarily) and decided that the price increase simply is not justified. We have no interest in gouging other like-minded people and hope that the universe will pay us back in not being gouged ourselves.

A solid month. I know we have said it before, but just give Airbnb a try. It really is not big deal with very minimal work. The washing machine just beeped signaling clean sheets to air dry for our guests tomorrow night!