This is a big one. But it doesn’t have to be scary. You and I are going to explore what real financial independence (FI) is all about. It doesn’t require winning the lottery, getting a hot stock tip, or selling your .com startup for mega-millions. But this is not get-rich-quick scheme. This is the slowest get rich plan out there. But give it time/discipline and it will work.

Remember the mantra: EVERY 1 DOLLAR YOU DO NOT SPEND IS 2 YOU DO NOT NEED TO MAKE. You’d better remember. It may be the most important statement you may ever commit to memory.

This page will serve as your FI launchpad. Read the intro article: Financial Independence and the Power of F*CK You. From there, we will post frequent articles on 3 Pillars of Financial Independence:

  1. knowing what you spend and knowing what you need.
  2. optimize you spending for maximum happiness
  3. saving and investing


Financial Independence Articles:

Financial Independence and the Power of F*CK You

What you spend is more important than what you earn.

Net Worth and Savings Rate